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If you believe in fengshui????? on . . .

A fengshui master. He said RWS's casino is full of 'fengshui' arrangement that it's very very strong to trap anyone's money when going into the casino. From the moment u enter (if u asked the cab to drop u at casino entrance), u will see the lobby has one strange sculpture.... the elephant.

1. The elephant refer to u, or to someone that's rich, all mighty and with a lot of cash. The legs of the elephants are long....and high up, meaning high rollers will come. But the top body of the elephant has a pyramid metal structure that can be found replicated at 6spots on top of the fountains of wealth atop the casino entrance. The pyramid is RWS.....sitting on top of u, the elephant. No way u will not follow the 'qi' of RWS presented to u.....

2. Going down the LED lighted arcs escalator....the LED panel resemblance of knifes. Not just a normal knife but a shining sharp one...there are 4 panels all together. The picture on the LED is fishes swimming then followed by fire ball. The fire ball is RWS. Fishes are customers. All swim to the casino. U are distracted by the light and sound. No one is think of those knifes will cut u into pieces before u even start gambling.


3. Down at the path to the casino...a lot of criss-cross arcs with water like a net....trapping your money.

4. In front of the casino, there is a double 'pa qua' opening looking up with light shining in.....that is a strong fengshui...on top of the ba qua opening is the fountain of wealth with giant lotus plants and leafs curling out from the water, meaning growing well. Balls and multiples pyramids are located at fengshui location. The water of the fountain all fall down into the casino direction, meaning money keeps flowing in. The casino is built underground at the deepest location of the resort, directly under the big Merlion behind......deep deep down into the hell.....
U your 'qi' must be strong to gamble there....the fengshui arrangement is 'shiong' than Genting Highlands. MBS is deep down Marina Bay, the Lotus shape musuem aka praying bowl with a center hole collecting rain water...water flowing from the lotus flooding the museum (the moat design)
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